100% Mobile Art Series

made 100% mobile, this series inspire iphone users to get creative with their iOS apps by producing great artwork on the tip of hands

100% Mobile Art Series
Digital Artwork & Design created 100% using iPhone 
Never I would thought design and art creation can be possible without a mouse or a tablet. I remember when I first got my iPod touch, I only manage to create art using AutoDesk Sketch app back 2 years ago. Now, after a local Mobile Art exhibition curated by fellow Malaysian Behancer, Zam Nayan called TINPIX 'Made In Phones' exhibition, I discovered and experimented with various apps under iOS to produce great digital artworks by using iPhone and touchscreen.

My premier iphone apps I use to create my artwork are available free and also paid version;

Photoshop Express (Free)
Pixlr-o-matic (Free)
FontShuffle (Free)
BDD (BuroDestruct)

And the additional apps I would experiment with;

Using Visualator, Buro Destruct app, Pixl, FontShuffle and PhotoSplit
Typeface experiments with PhotoSplit, most prominant layering app for iPhone. 

Grow fonder with Pixl app and combining effects using Pixlr-o-matic (free, from Autodesk) with FontShuffle and PhotoSplit app 
One of my fav work, a collaboration with photographer who's an acquaintance of mine who I met via Twitter, Nazri Ishak who agreed to have his photograph licensed under Creative Commons and work together with me to form a digital artwork using iPhone app 'Pixl' and 'PhotoSplit'. 

The result of this artwork called 'Fire Remade' an artwork collaboration falls under Creative Commons license and our work was exhibited at the
in line with in Warsaw, Poland, from Sep 16-18, 2011.


Combining photographs, textures and effects from apps; Pixl, FontShuffle, and merge it all using PhotoSplit and twist with effects using Pixlr-o-matic to produce this digital artwork.

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