Aoriya (Neptune)

Following my Space Art Series, this is Aoriya (Neptune) is an artist expression of planet Neptune rendered in 3D stereoscopic effect. Get your 3D anaglyph glass on for greater experience!

Final digital artwork of Ao'riya (Neptune) with 300dpi on a digital canvas, and size of 29.7 x 42 cm (2.8GB). This artwork was inspired by my brief research of the planet Neptune as a continuation of my Digital Space Painting Series. As one of the magnificent giant gas to our mysterious solar system, this artwork have been manifested with an artist impression to illustrate the gravitational of magnetosphere, diagram of satellite rings, dust from asteroids and space clouds to create dramatic appearance. This artwork is best viewed with anaglyph 3D glasses as some of the objects are design to create 3D effects. 

Below is the earlier stage of development.
Details (Zoomed)
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