Bhumi Cahaya Harit

Bhumi Cahaya Harit, a digital space painting by Muid Latif.

Bhumi Cahaya Harit
Digital Space Painting
'Bhumi Cahaya Harit' is in Sanskrit means Green Light Earth is my debut digital space painting for 2012. This process of creation took a week before I can begin to finalize the concept and to find the right color balance to represent my mind and illustration. 
With 450 dpi on canvas made for both print and for screen, I hope you enjoy and inspired from my latest creation. Moon (Lunar) photo provided by
Download High Defination wallpaper (1920 x 1200 pixel) via ImageShack:
Working on Nebula dust
Working on texture, compiling all the textures taken from my own photography collection, playing around with invert, color balance, levels, wrapping tool, stamping clones and feathering and later to capture all into a sphere-like effect. 
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