E³: Explore. Experiment. Evolve.

This artwork had been exhibited in Penang State Art Gallery from 17th June- 30th June, Penang, Malaysia

E³: Explore. Experiment. Evolve. is a creative processes made to show the importance of process and research before implementing a new artwork either for commercial or non-commercial works.

For further information and process, kindly proceed to _http://youtu.be/H0-GHOXXHTw
Extracting outline of the orignal subject matter
Adding colors to typograpy
Recreation of shape: Floral / tulip shape
Finalizing shape with desired colors
Adding custom watercolor or more texture to create a greater volume in an artwork
Adding brushes and rearrange of layout to finalize digital artwork
EVOLVE: This is the final result to my artwork which can be applied to merchandise, exhibition or any other format.
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