Electrofantastic, a digital art collaboration with portrait photographer, Prakash Daniel.

Digital Art Collaboration
This is a two-week project collaboration between me and my friend who's also a notable portrait photographer, Prakash Daniel for Behance Malaysia 2nd Group Exhibition in Galeri Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA, 8-27 February 2012.

There's a lot of processes, research and development involved and I hope the workflow featured in this project will enable you to understand how I could enhance, experiment and create a stunning digital art from a photograph, stock photos and cross-application to create this piece. 

Two software used Adobe Photoshop CS5 & Adobe Illustrator CS5.  All artwork was made in A2 (23.4 x 16.5 inches) with 350 DPI. 


Study Case: Electrofantastic Process & Workflow
Communication with Prakash on photograph selection from his portfolio.
I decide to use this one as the colors of the gear the guy's wearing is really contemporary and refreshing
The hardest 3 days was to enhance Prakash's photograph since it's on mid-resolution. I always work on A4 with 300 dpi so this time I need to work on A2 instead so I had to blow up the image and enhance it using blur gaussian tool, sharpen tool, noise tool and adding gradient circle to eye balls and skins.
I used Media Militia's 3D stock image. In this canvas, I decide to use their 3D paint toss and change it to my color of choice, till I got the correct color corrections.

Visit http://mediamilitia.com/ to get amazing sets of free 3D stocks and assets!
This is the result of my arrangement, using the 'screen' option on Layers Properties in Adobe Photoshop.
As usual, I like to adapt glossy bubbles and marble so I decide  to do one here with this artwork. However, I want to create an artwork within this artwork with textures and other visual elements.
So I play around with filling patterns and use pen tool to create different / various shapes with Warp tool from the Edit menu.
I had also included another of Prakash portrait shot here in this artwork.
And later after everything is complete, I paste back into my main artwork inside the circle.
I still felt this artwork a little bit stiff so I decide to leave it for a day and come back to see if I can find anything interesting to add.
Adding perspective & more visual impact
The challenge of this artwork is more hard because I need to bring a lot of depth and perspective, so following on the good response of my 'Solitarie Bleu' project, I decide to do some diamond and crystal effects onto the canvas.
I discovered quartz crystals while I was at the watch store in the mall and I decide to proceed on several research.
I found an interesting Illustrator tutorial so I decide to adapt to my production of quartz crystal. As usual, what you see here are just repetitive of shapes using gradient and radial gradient tool. 

You can visit this helpful tutorial on how I manage to change the shape of my crystal dynamically: http://blog.pixellogo.com/tutorials/illustrator-tutorial-creating-a-complex-patt
Then I arrange into different layout to create these assets and export it in Photoshop format from Illustrator CS5.
If you notice, on these surface of the crystals, I use few of my stock photos collection to create some interesting textures on these crystals. I even play around with outlines to bring more strength to the crystals.
This is the final result of my overal digital artwork
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