Fantasia Salju

A collaborative minds of Inodoro Design Studios and Muid Latif for Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2011. This artwork is called Fantasia Salju.

Fantasia Salju
Collaborative work of Muid Latif & Inodoro Design Studio (Philippines)
Fantasia Salju (The Estranged Fantasia) is a collaborative digital artwork that was initiated by Inodoro Design Studio in conjunction of Kuala Lumpur Design Week. The collaboration challenges my role to adapt Inodoro design style to a better digital art environment where it's much appeal to the current trend. 

Above are the process and the final stage mixing two ideas to make this masterpiece to it's final result and I'm very pleased and happy to collaborate with Inodoro.

My version before the collaboration of Inodoro's artwork
I had to study and develop the Amenthyst Crystal based on my research found in Google
This is the digital artwork provided by Inodoro. This artwork had already stand on its own and it's truly unique.
Final Artwork
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