Jupiteraya Series

Jupiteraya Series, a digital space art by Muid Latif

Jupiteraya Series featured my most anticipated digital space art that was exhibited in Malaysia's renowned art gallery, Galeri Petronasm KLCC Kuala Lumpur and later in Penang State Art Gallery in Georgetown, Penang. 
These works were made based on 28 week research of planet Jupiter's Galleon natural moon. The textures was created from acrylic, poster colours, water colours, photographed texture using my Canon DSLR camera. The final touch to my work are being rendered in stereo-scoping imaging with 3D glasses for a greater 3D experience. Honestly, I never had so much fun working on something so moving, especially mesmerized by the beauty of our universe.

More info & featured in New Straits Times:
The finale of Jupiteraya Series is 'Nova Musytari', capturing the artist impression of the beautiful flow of magnetosphere gravitational pull, celestial sphere, dust and gas to form this gigantic Jupiter.
"Antara Callisto & Europa" in anaglyph version. Click for larger view. Don't forget your anaglyph 3D glasses.
'Io-Ah' [Jupiteraya Series]
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