Moving Down The Line

Experimental digital art; "Lost my heart, so I'm moving down the line"

Moving Down The Line
Digital Art
Identify objects you like to work on
Use the 'Quick Selection' tool to select your desired object or asset. Control the selection by pressing the 'Command+[' or 'Command+]' and copy/duplicate it into a new layer
Desaturate the object in your current layer, then select the Blending Option properties and select the 'Color Overlay'. Select any desired color you like. You can adjust by playing around with levels. Then arrange your assets or objects accordingly.
My favorite part, creating new interface to bring more impact to an artwork. You can select most basic custom shape available on the 'Custom Shape' tool from your Photoshop. Raster the shape and select the 'Liquify' tool from your 'Filter' menu. 
To give more impact and effects, play around with 'Smudge' tool by dragging the edge or tip of your objects. The rest is up to your imagination and creativity. Enjoy!
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