My Fifth Nebula

My Fifth Nebula is a creative collaboration between photographer, Ariff Aris and graphic artist/dancer, Muid Latif illustrated in digital space painting.

My Fifth Nebula
Digital Space Painting / Photo Manipulation
Another creative collaboration with a good friend and also a renown portrait photographer Ariff Aris. Using one of my portrait shot for Ariff's 'Dance Series', I combine my crafting in digital space painting technique to create a greater supreme form of art, made in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Size: 420 mm x 594 mm, 300 (A2)
Type: Print (300 dpi)

Other information:
Duration: Originally 23 July 2012 (30%), completed (70%) from 30 July to 1st August 2012
Music influence during work-in-progress: Guy Robin Remix of Kanye West's Lovelockdown, ReelSoul and Mike Mohede (Tak Seperti Dulu, produced by Andi Rianto)
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