Oriental Series

Identical Asian culture art elements brought into digital art in this Oriental Art series, which had been published in media and showcase including in local KTM train (Commuter) panel ad display

Oriental Art Series

The oriental art series, as a part of my Creative Oriental Digital Crafting campaign to promote the arts element from the South East Asian culture. Oriental Art series started in early 2007 and it had been a successful project that was brought into 360 Degree campaign, from exhibition to commercial work. One of most interesting participation was the 'LET ARTS MOVE YOU (LAMU)' Exhibition where I am the first Digital Artist here in Malaysia to have first moving exhibition using the Komuter train as a platform of moving gallery organized by KTM & Multimedia University (MMU). My artwork was showcase for almost two years and I am thrilled and overwhelmed to be a part of this unique project. 

Credit goes out to Roopesh Sitharan for this opportunity.

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