Recuerdos Dolorosos (Akoi)

Recuerdos Dolorosos (Akoi), series of digital illustration by Muid Latif

Recuerdos Dolorosos (Akoi)
Mix Media / Digital Illustration
"Recuerdos Dolorosos" (translating from Spanish which means 'Painful Memories') is a series of my illustration work dated from 2009 and revived in 2012 with another new illustration entitled Akoi (Aku Bak Ikan Koi). This series portrays my insomnia and emotional roller-coaster of my struggle in both life and from my past tumor I had years ago, expressed in my darkest form of art.

A poem I made (In Malay language):

Retak hati dipanah suram, 
Bagai air mengalir berputar-putar,
Indah dilihat mata-mata seram, 
Sunyinya tak siapa yang mengarti.

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