Typeface Intisari Nusantara

A part of my 'Digital Oriental Crafting' creative production of experimental typefaces and illustration, here is my first set called the 'Intipati Nusantara'.

Typography: Intisari Nusantara
An experimental typography
Intisari Nusantara is a custom, freestyle typography experiment that I started in early 2010 after the launch of our studio, Digital Nusantara. It contains the earthy cultural influence of the South East Asia elements where you can see some of the crafts and object used as my subject matter including Malay wood carving, 'Pucuk Paku', Tulip flower, 'Kerak Nasi', 'Kerawang', 'Keris Pekaka', 'Kukur' a traditional coconut grinder/grater, Borneo's Clay vase/pot and much more. I hope this typography showcase in here inspired you.
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